Founded in 1963, FLORENTINO is a brand of reference with an important international presence in the menswear fashion business. It has been created as a company combining design and manufacturing, based on the idea that the combination of both concepts will lead the right way to progress and the overall development of the company.

Half a century later, FLORENTINO offers clothing for the men with a clearly defined style that combines modernity and tradition, which is recognizable for the quality, innovatio and excellence in the creation of each of its products.

What the company Florentino is able to contribute as philosophy and the way of doing, is based on a sense of rigour, willingness and work.
“To succeed you need an industry capable of producing, selling and distributing the product with certainty and agility, by this way you build a symbiosis, where the designer needs the company and the company needs the designer.” - Florentino Cacheda.